Solutions Management Group International, LLC (SMGI) is not a Collection Agency. As a wholly owned subsidiary of National Loan Exchange, Inc. (NLEXTM) we combine relationships with some of the world's best Collection Agencies and our depth of experience to bring our clients world class results.

Request For Proposal

Steps to obtain a competitive Proposal from multiple Providers are outlined below. Once your Request for Proposal has been completed we will take your Confidential information and seek Proposal completion from targeted Providers who meet the primary requirements.

The next steps are outlined below:

  1. We work with you to select and define the portfolio/strategy that you are willing to place.

Welcome to the Solutions Management Portal

We are developing this capability in partnership with individual Clients.

With each client we will provide reporting and analytics that are specifically designed to meet their needs. Each customized capability will become available for use across the Provider and Client Platform.

Sale vs. Service NPV Analysis

Determine whether it makes sense to Sell or Service your portfolio. Optimize the liquidity on your portfolio and compare options. This download is available to both Clients and Providers and is provided as a reference tool only. We don't represent that this data is infallible but simply another tool to utilize when assessing your options.

If you determine that a sale is your best bet we can help you optimize the return. If you determine that retaining the portfolio and placing for service is a better alternative let us help you place the file with the best-fit provider.

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